Recommendations: New York City


(***Note to self: Expand these lists to show my favorites – and what to get at each place)

* = favorites


  • Staten Island Ferry:
    – It's free and affords GREAT views of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Plus they serve cheap beer on the ferry, so if you drink, this is probably a pretty enjoyable way to do it! I especially recommend you look up what time the sun will set, and grab the last ferry to Staten Island just before the sunset (roughly 15 minutes prior) and then catch the next ferry back right after that. That way you'll see the most spectacular view of the Manhattan Skyline BOTH by day AND by night!
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner
    – You'll notice I'm recommending this as a thing to do, not as a restaurant. But this is the world-famous singing waitstaff. Imagine a 1950's American-style diner, and all of the servers take turns entertaining you with live singing. They sing mostly Broadway, some 50's/60's songs, and some popular music. It's really a must-see, but keep in mind, you're there for the singing (and yes, DO tip them!) not the fast service, not the high-quality food. This is more for fun than for food critics. And YES, they have added some vegan options! I haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure if they have changed. Last time I was there they had a vegan pot pie and some kind of cake. I think it was chocolate raspberry? I remember both of them being unbelievably delicious! And FUN FACT… I used to work there as a singing waiter! So picture me (out of drag) as one of those singing waters (of course this is before being vegan, and before getting sober, so I was quite a mess — probably why I got fired).



– *Blossom (9th Avenue)
– *Terri
– *The Cinnamon Snail
– *Buddha Bodai
– PS Kitchen
– Peacefood Cafe
– Hangawi
– Franchia
– Candle Cafe (just for brunch)- Seasoned Vegan
– by CHLOE
– Marty's V Burger
– Bareburger (for the Impossible or Beyond Burger)


– Champs Diner
– Modern Love Brooklyn
– Screamer's Pizza


iKraveIt Foods (Astoria, Queens)
(a simple deli/bodega, but the vegan options they serve will blow your mind! Go in, grab a hot meal, and tag me in your food photos on Instagram so I can see what you got!)



    Most broadway shows have lotteries. So each day, when you wake up, just google “Broadway ticket lottery” and you'll find several lotteries online where you can enter for a chance to win cheap tickets.
  • Standing Room!!!
    Most shows have standing room tickets available the day of the show, and you can go see the show for like $30 or $40 or so. If you think about it, you're really just paying an extra $100 to sit down for the same show!
  • TKTS Booth
    This is pretty well known but in the middle of Times Square (at 47th between Broadway and 7th Avenue) there is a booth that sells discounted tickets for same-day Broadway and Off-Broadway shows.
    Honestly, most of the BEST theatre happens OFF Broadway. And it's often less expensive.


    New York City has some of the BEST drag anywhere! Go to for an up to date listing of which drag shows are going on around town.