Recommendations: Milwaukee


* = favorites


  • *Celesta (My favorite! Hands down!)
  • *Ian's Pizza (some of the best pizza I've had – ever! TONS of vegan options!)
  • Strange Town (weird menu items you won't see anywhere else)
  • Beans and Barley
  • Comet
  • On The Bus (haven't been but I've heard good things)


  • At Random (Cocktail Lounge)
    [NOTE: Call ahead to make sure they're open. They have a tendency to close early if business is slow.]
    I used to love going to At Random to hang out with my friends. It was the perfect place to go with a small group, or on a date, and just spend hours chatting and having drinks.
    Of course, I no longer drink alcohol, so before going vegan I would go there and enjoy their non-alcoholic ice cream drinks. But then once I went vegan, I had no reason to go back there anymore.
    Recently, At Random added vegan ice cream and milk to their menu, so you can now enjoy a huge assortment of specialty cocktails and ice cream drinks.
    This place is the perfect example of “tacky done right!” The whole place is decorated in wood paneling and mirrors, and it is lit ONLY with Christmas lights, so the lights are really dim and everyone looks so much better because of it.
    They only play Frank Sinatra and brat-pack era music. This place is like something from another time – or something you might have seen in The Sopranos.
    This place is an absolute must, and I'm so happy I can once again recommend this place now that they've added vegan options!