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  – * Veganæs (basically pronounced like “Veganize” but more like “VAY-guhnissse”)
This is my top recommendation! A 100% vegan “diner” with foods like burgers and fries, steak, fried fish, cheese balls. Vegan American food with a Scandinavian flare. And the place is set inside of an awesome bar (Gaukurinn) which is home to Iceland’s drag scene, hard rock scene, standup comedy scene, you name it! So come for the most incredible vegan food Iceland has to offer — stay for an awesome show!

  – * Jömm
An innovative vegan food startup that recently opened and has been making vegan food much more widely available around the shops of Reykjavík. They started as a sort of pop-up (imagine a food truck with no wheels) but now they’re expanding widely!

  – Kaffi Vinyl
Right up there with Veganæs. The food isn’t quite on par with Veganæs (seriously, nobody can top what Veganæs is doing — yet!) but they’ve got a good variety of options, a full coffee menu, a bar, and they are THE place to go to if you want vegan desserts!

  – Gló (more of a sit-down restaurant, but unless you’re an organic health nut, you might find the food a little less adventurous)

  – Aktu Taktu
If you want to enjoy the convenience of eating at a drive-thru like a normal human being, Aktu Taktu is a popular (often late-night) drive thru (and sit-down) fast food restaurant with a vegan burger served with vegan cheese, vegan mayo/sauce, and a vegan patty! And it actually tastes pretty darn good!

– Óli (24 hours)
Icelanders will be like “Why are you recommending that place???” It’s a gas station, but with some groceries and a small kitchen and grill. The only reason I mention this place is because it’s open 24-hours. If you absolutely NEED a place to eat or congregate when all else is closed, this place is there as an option. You can order many non-vegan sandwiches, but this place added a vegan burger to their menu. It’s not the tastiest vegan burger you’ll find — if you’ve ever had that sort of Dr. Praegers veggie burger – the blah kind they serve in most NYC diners – it’s sort of like that: a mashed up patty of veggies, potatoes, peas, carrots, etc… If you’re just looking for something to eat on a bun with some fries… it’ll do.

When I tell Icelanders that you can’t eat McDonald’s french fries, they find that so odd. “But they’re just potatoes fried in oil with salt!” I’m not sure where else in the world we have to avoid their fries, but in Iceland, you can safely assume fries are always vegan. Here’s some interesting trivia! Iceland used to have McDonald’s. But after the economic crash of 2008, badasses that Icelanders are, they basically gave McDonald’s the boot, said they could no longer afford them, but they kept all the buildings and recipes and the general concept. So somehow, McDonald’s agreed to let them continue to operate, now called “Metro”. If you walk into a Metro, you’ll find it eerily similar to a McDonald’s, but with noticeable differences as the menu has been innovated and bends a bit more towards Scandinavian fare. But when I first visited Iceland as a vegan, I loved going to Metro and gorging on fries! JUST REMEMBER THIS ABOUT ORDERING FRIES!!! At most places (especially drive thrus) if you order a “large order of fries”, you will get basically half a grocery bag filled with fries! Here, it is assumed when you ask for a “large order” of something you are asking for enough to feed a family. So just start with whatever portion they recommend.


ABOUT BEVERAGES (get used to this…)


Sure, there is lots to do in Iceland, but I can really only recommend doing the things that I go there to do.